Sunday, June 28, 2009

update...where does the time go?

this month has been full of new experiences...drinking from a cup, eating with a fork, sitting at his own little table. he's loving all these new things and i'm pretty impressed with how well he's doing with them. he "signs" for drink, eat/more, all done, up (for us to pick him up, nana taught him that one). he's been saying lots of words...repeats just about anything we say. he loves to tell us what a monkey says.

he's very in to trucks, dogs, and bikes. and deathly afraid of the trash truck.

and he loves to type on my old keyboard...i wonder where he learned that?

Friday, May 22, 2009

not feelin' it?

thatch is a huge fan of music and i was scrolling through my ipod trying to find something new for him to listen to. i found run dmc, yes that's right, thanks to mark roberts for putting it on my ipod... i decided to play it and see what thatch's reaction was. he looked confused, not knowing how to bob to this sort of music. travis said "you aren't feelin' it, are you?" and HE SHOOK HIS HEAD NO! we laughed so hard! we went back to listening to ray lamontagne.

Monday, May 18, 2009

where's your head?

From rainy day by the window

From rainy day by the window

wow, okay, it's been a while!

the last 2 months we have made HUGE changes...we are definitely a toddler now and i feel like he understands everything we say. it is so much fun!

his words:
dad = nad (as a whisper)
mom = mmm mom mom (yelling)
banana = nana
light = li
fan = nan (with a big smile)
car = ca
dog = haaa (???)
signs "all done"
he signed "more" for the first time today...finally after months and months. maybe he will learn drink, i still have hope!

he LOVES music (he points to the ipod dock for us to play music all the time...and he likes anything with a beat! there's a lot of dancing going on in the moore household!

loves playing with his blocks.
loves any container or cabinet.
still loves mom's office. (yes!)
loves to wave to everyone.
and he has quite the little personality.
he went down the toddler slide at church sunday for the first time (and climbed the little stairs by himself too)

i couldn't be more proud!

Friday, April 10, 2009

From one!

From one!

thatch is one!

i can't believe it. and with his birthday came a toddler! i feel like he is a new man...busy doesn't even describe him. i love it. he is curious, happy, full of energy and my little snuggle bug. i'm loving "one" already.

In honor of his's the birth announcement i never sent out! : )

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

thatch is feeling a little left out from the facebook status and twitter world. (or maybe it's just that my thoughts come in "update" form now.)

whatever the case...thatch now has a "status" on his blog to capture those little things that probably only family care about.

well, nana and gramma...these are for you!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


From first park experience

well, as of last monday, thatch is officially walking. and he is getting more stable each day. he is just so cute when he walks...i love it. today at church he was walking all over the place. he must have worn himself out because he fell asleep on the way home. (and he NEVER falls asleep in the car.)

it was a beautiful day yesterday, so we took thatch to the park for the first time to play. he loved the slide (with some help of course) and loved watching the other kids. i can't wait for this summer, we are going to have so much fun!